The beauty of winter travel

I have two trips planned in December. One to the UK and one to Scandinavia. The one to Scandinavia will be with friends and I\’ve been debating where to go for my add-on side trip. Go south and get some sun or stay in Scandinavia and go somewhere I haven\’t gone. Tough choice, but I digress. There are tons of benefits to traveling in the winter.

Fewer crowds.

Once the weather starts to turn, let\’s say unsavory, fewer people want to travel around in it. Why? You may have heard it before but there is no bad weather just poor clothing choices. It\’s so true. There is something so special about being at a museum and you\’re the only one there. Or going on a popular hike and realizing that you\’ve got the whole trail to yourself. Fewer crowds allow you to linger a little longer on that painting or mountaintop. I drove all over the Grand Tetons in March and didn\’t see a soul. 

Jasper Lake – Grand Tetons – Wyoming
More opportunities to get cozy.

Being out in foul weather affords you the opportunity to check out more coffee shops or shops in general which you might not have thought to do when the weather is nicer. When I travel in the winter I will look up places that have fireplaces or are frequented by locals. Locals tend to know where the best places are to warm up with the best atmosphere. 

Lower prices

It\’s no secret that airlines, hotels and some attractions will increase their prices during peak travel times. Traveling in the winter months, apart from Christmas, tend to be some of the best travel values you can find. I found a round-trip flight to Edinburgh for under $300 in December. I mean can you beat it? 

You\’re not sweating through your clothes while touring.

I think one of the best things about touring around during the winter is that you aren\’t dripping sweat or baking in the sun for hours while waiting in line for an attraction. Instead, you get to breeze in, due to the fewer crowds, and you can tour around comfortably depending on how bundled you are.

Gian\’t Causeway
You\’re able to do things in the winter you can\’t in the summer.

I mean when else would you be able to walk on Lake Louise? Granted I took this picture at the end of April but it\’s still cool. Many of the photos you see of Lake Louise are in the summer when it\’s a beautiful blue-green. Here it\’s covered in almost a foot of snow! Also, in the colder months, many countries have festivals and not to mention the winter markets! It really is a magical time to travel.

Lake Louise – April

I love traveling during the cooler to colder months. I feel like you can see more and do more. What are your favorite times to travel? What seasons do you prefer to travel in? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time. 

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