The Good Old U.S of A.

I\’ve been thinking a lot about travel, it is a passion after all, but I started to think about all of the places I can visit within the US. So I think I\’m going to make it my priority to explore America this year. I\’m still headed to Europe in February but after that it\’s on to the States.

I live in a pretty great country that is extremely diverse. We have everything from tundra to tropics, desert and deciduous. We have many different cultures and speak many different languages. We are explorers born and bred, that\’s how our nation was founded. America is a melting pot and I want to see what else it holds.

There are some things I will need to make this happen.

1). An America the beautiful park pass. If I\’m going to see this country I want to see as many national parks as I can.

2). A map. We are in a time of GPS, but I still experience dead spots. In order to avoid this a map will come in handy.

3). My car. I have a Mini Cooper. It is my dream car and I think it\’s fitting to take this her on these adventures with me.

Of course I\’ll have my camera and will video all my expeditions. My job allows me to work from anywhere…within the whole of the US (which I just learned), so let\’s explore. There will be no shortage of things to do. Festivals, celebrations, parks, natural wonders and the world\’s biggest ball of yarn…I think I read that somewhere, maybe it was the biggest ear of corn. Either way. Regardless I\’ll learn more about the history of America and that\’s beautiful. Until next time.

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