Top 10 Places to travel in 2017

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If you’re anything like me you have written down a list of destinations you want to hit this year. Places that interest you, things you want to see and stuff you want to experience. My list has a couple of places that I love and have visited a lot and then it has some new adventures that I’m looking forward to. Now keep in mind, although I have a list, I may not hit everything or I may have to change plans. The fact that I allow for flexibility will give me a lot of choices on destinations this upcoming year.

I’ve been reading a lot of “Top 10” lists from Frommer’s to Forbes and here are the most commonly listed destinations, in no particular order.

  1. Finland. Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence in 2017. Regional events will be held throughout the country. What better way is there to learn about the culture of a people then to help them celebrate a mile marker! 
  2. Canada. Canada is celebrating its 150th Birthday in 2017. Sign up for the FREE! (yes I said it) Discovery Pass which grants you admission into all of Canada’s National Parks. Sounds like the making of a great summer road trip!
  3. Ireland. Having made an appearance in the most recent Star Wars movie, and is a setting for the filming of Game of Thrones, Ireland will see an influx of visitors in 2017.
  4. Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been reading a lot about South Africa lately in National Geographic Traveler and Conde Nast Traveler. Cape Town is now being discovered for its coffee and cuisine. Many world renown chefs are setting up shop in this laid back city at the edge of the world. With breathtaking vistas, great hikes and surfing, this destination has something for everyone.
  5. Portugal. Pass up Spain this year for the equally charming and significantly cheaper country of Portugal. It’s two main cities, Lisbon and Porto, offer all the amenities as any other big city with lower prices and amazing coastal views. Looking for adventure? Hop over to the Azores, with its diverse terrain and pristine beaches you would be hard pressed to be bored in this location.
  6. Georgia Coast, USA. It’s one of the country’s best kept secrets…for now. Hollywood has just wrapped up shooting Baywatch there and will undoubtably be flocked with tourists once the show comes out. So go now. Savannah, is one of the more beautiful cities in the South and the coastal cuisine is some of the best in the world. Well worth the visit as many will soon find out.
  7. Moscow, Russia. Anyone who has ever wanted to visit Russia should go in 2017. Right now although the flight might be pricey to get there, once you’re there it’s one of the more affordable places to travel. The prices will go up in 2018 as they are hosting the FIFA World Cup, so go now.
  8. Bermuda. Looking for a Caribbean getaway and you want to avoid the Zika virus? Bermuda is the spot for you. Head there in June to watch the United State defend their title in The America’s Cup.
  9. Greece. With the stabilization to their economy, Greece will be seeing more tourists this upcoming year. Right now you can book a 4 star hotel for under $100 per night and a sit down dinner with appetizers, drinks and main course will cost around $15 per person or less. If you want to experience the culture, The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens will be reopening in the Spring.
  10. Columbia. Have you always wanted to visit but were too afraid to go alone? With a history of drugs and violence many travelers has shun this beautiful country. Well no more. The summer of 2017 will host a visit from Pope Francis.

Of course there are many destinations that I did not hit, but these are the locations most predicted. Which ones will you hit in 2017? Until next time.


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