Tough Mudder

This weekend I participated in my first ever Tough Mudder. I will to this day if anyone ever asks, was peer pressured into it. I\’ve never done an obstacle course race, certainly not one on this scale. 10 miles of running/walking over harsh terrain and scaling obstacles of all sorts. It was tortuous. Parts were very fun. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Am I in pain now…YES!

I got home from the race bought a personal pizza, ate the whole thing, and crashed hard. I slept from 4pm to 8:30pm got up and after downing what felt like 2 gallons of water I went back to sleep. I was so tired. The last time I was this tired I ran the Adirondack distance run, a 10 mile run up and down hills the entire time, without training for the race. I crashed so hard after that as well. Today I feel the same as I did after that run, completely hung over!

I think my biggest pro take away from participating in this race was the teamwork involved and needed to complete the obstacles. Everyone helped each other, no one was in a hurry to move on from an obstacle if there was someone there that needed assistance. It\’s a really positive community.

Now the cons…it was an expensive race! For 10 miles it was $185 that\’s not including any discounts you might be able to find and people pay it. It\’s crazy. Anyone who is on a budget might want to steer away from this.

Also it\’s pretty dangerous. Everyone starts out wearing a runner\’s bib attached with safety pins. Halfway through the race… mine was missing, safety pins and all. I don\’t know where it ended up or if someone ended up getting stuck. On top of that there are several water obstacles…that are muddy from everyone who came before you and let\’s just hope it\’s only mud. The reality… people are bleeding on this course and there were some who were fighting colds and running! I felt ill the next couple of days as did one of my friends who ran with me. If you\’re a hypochondriac this is not for you.

Will I do another…probably not. I have to say I give all of the people who run these races so much credit. They are truly athletes. One of my co-coaches who convinced me to run this race does them all the time. He even wanted to run the race through another 2x! Once was enough for me…and my hips. Oh and I ended up rolled my ankle on top of it all and walked away with a cankle but I finished the race!

I tried something new. Something I never really cared to try but I\’m glad I did. I can now walk away saying yes, I ran a Tough Mudder. More importantly, I ventured out of my comfort zone and that\’s the biggest win. Anytime you can try something new or reach beyond what is comfortable you are growing. I don\’t ever want to live a life where I\’m not progressing or learning new things. So get out, try something new, you might find a new hobby. Until next time, life is short, travel now!

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