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Traveling can be a treat, an adventure, a search, or just bliss..and so much more. So why travel by the demands of others? Travel as you desire. Travel solo or with friends but travel. Traveling is how we experience not only our lives but that of others. I’ve learned more about myself and my capabilities while traveling than I have in my comfort zone of “home”.

A couple of months ago I took a huge risk and moved across the country. I stepped out of my comfort zone, away from all my friends and family because I wanted to travel and see something new. That adventure of driving cross country with the best travel companion, my brother, was eye opening. I experienced the depression that one landscape can induce and the absolute elation and exhilaration once that scenery completely changed.

Life is about adventure, about seeing what’s out there. Travel how you want to, I know I will. I hope that with this blog I can share my travel stories and adventures with you. From being in a “cattle car” packed train in Italy to the dizzying heights of La Segrada Familia, (and I’m not afraid of heights). This weekend I’m off to the Mexican Riviera, a girls weekend to celebrate my milestone birthday. Although I’m sure there will be plenty of partying, I’m excited to see what adventures await me.

Until then travel as you desire and I’ll report back next Tuesday. If you like my blog, let me know!


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