Travel YouTubers to watch during isolation: Staycation Series

If you’re like me you’ve probably been down the rabbit hole with TV shows. There are certainly some tv shows that I’ve been rewatching, shout out to Chuck and Buffy, but I’ve also found myself watching some great Youtubers sharing their travel adventures. Here are some great creators who I love and will help you get through this self-isolation.

Somewhere Devine

Brad and Hailey Devine are a husband and wife team who travel the world with their two adorable daughters. This family is so gorgeous they scream Scandanavia! They have been content creators on YouTube sine 2015. They have a unique insight to travel and take beautiful videos and photos. Not only do they share their trips but they also share their lives as well. They host a yearly service expedition to an area in need which anyone can sign-up for and do some good.  If you want to watch quality content with fun footage check them out.

This is one of my favorite videos they did recently: Share Somewhere Devine

Kara and Nate

I recently discovered this wife-husband duo and love their content. They have also been content creators on YouTube since 2015. This past year they had a goal of traveling to 100 countries, which they achieved. You can watch their journey from their first trip. I love their channel because they show everything. The good and the bad. They give you bloopers at the end of every episode and the don\’t take themselves too seriously while producing great content. They are also very transparent. They give you pricing for places they stay and the things they eat. They do a great job of providing a visual travel guide.

This is one of my favorite videos of theirs: Spending $100 in Ukraine.


I think most of my YouTubers are in a similar travel category of taking you on a travel tour with themselves as the guides. Devinsupertramp is a cut above the rest. His videos showcase the beauty of the places he travels to. He truly is a cinematographer. It\’s one thing to show you a place you haven\’t been to before. Devin gives you the feeling of a place. A lot of his videos are full of action sports and thrills. It\’s always a magical journey he takes you on.

Here\’s is one of my favorite places and videos: Ireland – The Road Not Taken

Flying the Nest

Another husband and wife duo. Stephen and Jess Valentine have been traveling the world together and creating content for YouTube since 2014. This couple is absolutely adorable and will try just about anything. Not only do they show you the beauty in the world but they do everything with such excitement it\’s infectious.

Here is one of my favorite videos: Arriving at the airport in America with no idea where we are flying.


Marko and Alex are brothers who travel the world together and film their travels. They recently did a travel show which you can see on Amazon Prime called Baller vs. Basic. It shows you how you can travel to the same city on two different budgets. Their videos are always informative and provide stunning photography. I tend to see if they\’ve done a video on a location before I travel there. Each place they feature they give great finds for restaurants and things to do.

Here\’s one of my favorite videos: London England Travel Tips East Vs. West City Guide

Top Jaw

Last but by no means least Top Jaw! I love these vloggers. If you\’re looking for a comprehensive 48-hour guide for places to eat and great cocktail bars check out Jesse and Will. I stumbled onto these guys last year. Each video is supported entirely by Top Jaw, (Jesse and Will) and features some great destinations that they can pull off during a weekend and they pack a lot in. Their latest video is 48-hours in Dublin without a plan or a cell phone. They relied only on the recommendations of locals they encountered.

Here\’s their Dublin video: 48 hours in Dublin – Get Lost Edition

These are my favorite Travel YouTubers. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments. Until next time.

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