Travels and Brexit…what does it mean?

Sorry for the gap in my blog. I\’ve been traveling…shocker. For the last week and a half I\’ve been to Norway, Ireland, England and Denmark. Short stints in each but fun none the less…and tiring, but more on that later. I feel as if I\’ve been going non-stop for the last two weeks. My legs are aching, my feet are cramping and my back feels like a small elephant has been sitting on it but travel is always worth it for me.

As I\’ve been traveling I\’ve been hearing a lot about Brexit and what that means for the UK. Any and every citizen of the EU has an opinion. As well they should…what does it all mean? I will be the first to admit that I have a very rudimentary understanding of what is happening here, but I also have learned more being here then I ever would have by just watching the news.

In Ireland the consequences are a serious adjustment on either end. It may mean a unified Ireland, finally or one completely separated. Traveling through Ireland was an eye opener. There is a serious divide in how people are taxed, how their monies are spent and where their loyalties lie. For example a much-needed highway improvement, connecting Dublin to Donegal, was cancelled because their head of state deemed it unnecessary. Whereas improvements on the roads in much of the Northern provinces are done by the British government and are not subject to the Irish government.

You can see this as you\’re driving. The roads are beautiful and well maintained in Northern, British controlled, Ireland but as soon as you cross that border the roads become pot hole ridden and broken. If Brexit were to occur and Ireland continued to be divided, how would their borders be policed? It\’s one of the many questions people in Ireland are asking.

In England I kept hearing a news feed about how Mars, the chocolate company, would have to reconsider their current trade agreements due to Britain potentially not being in the EU anymore. Any confectioner could be subject to a 30% increase in their tariff for trading with a non-EU country without a sound trade deal, but that\’s just one of the economic issues Britain will have to address.

So what does this mean for travelers? Well, both the Pound Sterling and the Euro have dropped recently and are making it more affordable for Americans and Canadians to travel to these European countries. However we may see an increase in the need for Visas to enter these countries, and may not be able to travel as freely between these nations as we once did. However until the annexation does go through it\’s all speculation. My advice…if you can book travel to the UK or Europe in the next couple of weeks and go, do it.

The world is shifting and when we wake up tomorrow it may be completely different from when we went to sleep so take advantage of it while you can. Until next time.

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