Valentine\’s Day

If you\’re anything like me you\’ve had a variety of Valentine\’s Days. From great to not so great. The best Valentine\’s Day has to go to by ex, Mike, who took me to an amazing restaurant with a my favorite pre-selected dessert. The worst would have to go to my ex, Travis, who thought it would be a great idea to get me energy-efficient light bulbs. At least he was concerned for the environment right?

Valentine\’s day is notoriously a minefield, but it doesn\’t have to be. If you take the time to get to know someone, you\’ll have an idea of their likes and dislikes and can probably think up a pretty fantastic evening just based on that.

If you\’re single, like me, you could just stay home and watch movies and eat popcorn to your heart\’s content, or you can do something with your friends. Valentine\’s Day doesn\’t have to be sad, it can be a lot of fun! I\’m going to have dinner with some friends and enjoy spending time with them. Or you can look for something else to do. Maybe it\’s the perfect time to go laser tag, or paintball. Go to the local trampoline gym and bounce around for a couple of hours. Don\’t want to be that active? Have friends over for a spa or wine and cheese night or go to a spa or wine tasting.

You can try something new too…here in Vegas there is a Valentine Cuddle celebration, a Cupid\’s Club Crawl and Speed dating events. Or you can learn cake decoration! The ideas are endless and you don\’t have to be alone if you don\’t want to be. So see what\’s going on where you live. Whatever you decide just enjoy yourself and remember it\’s just Tuesday. Until next time.

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