Volunteering my time begining this holiday season.

I have been thinking a lot lately about volunteering. In this month of things that we have so much to be thankful for it\’s important to think of ways that we can help those that need a little more. 

The hardest part of volunteering for me is trying to find something that I want to give my time to. There are a lot of worthy causes out there and a lot of people who need help. We work so hard day in and day out for the things that we have that our down time is precious and we tend not to want to share it. Or maybe we feel like we don\’t have the \”time\” to share it. 

I know when I get done with my work day all I want to do is sit and decompress and although that might provide some self-care, I don\’t need four hours a night to do it. If you\’re a parent you\’re lucky if you get 10 minutes. So I\’ve been thinking about giving some of my time. 

Today I narrowed it down to helping our veterans and active military. My dad said something the other day that stuck with me. He said for what our government is asking these soldiers to do they should be fitting the bill for their recovery and all of their needs. However, as we all know we don\’t live in a perfect world. 

So today I signed up to volunteer to visit with vets at the VA. A couple hours a month out of my schedule will not only get me out of the house but it will provide some company for those who are going through a challenging time. 

Have you thought about volunteering? No matter what you do or what cause you support being able to give of your time to help others seems like a good use of time to me. If you do volunteer, how did you start and why do you volunteer? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time. 

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