Weekend Travel/Adventure Ideas

This weekend is the weekend before Valentine\’s Day and you may be scrambling to find something to give your significant other. No worries. Here are some ideas for a getaways that will earn you some serious points. Not in a relationship? No problem, these are all things you can do with friends and have a fantastic time.

  1. Easy hike with a Picnic. Seems simple enough but how many of you thought of it? Pick a nice easy hike near you where you can find a great view. The picnic doesn\’t have to be fancy, it\’s the thought that counts. Food & Wine Magazine has some quick and easy recipes for a spruced up picnic.
  2. Spa Getaway. May sound a little pricey but it doesn\’t have to be. Spending a relaxing weekend away can do wonders for a relationship and your soul. Package deals can  be found including your stay and services. Vacation Idea.com has a best 25 list of Spa Getaways around the U.S. So rejuvenate and unwind.
  3. Rent a Cabin/House. Sites like Airbnb and Home to Go give some pretty great rental options for the weekend. You can check out a new city or just head to the mountains, or the beach. Spending time with others, away from the day-to-day can be very special.
  4. Be a tourist in where you live. Most people neglect the cities and towns they live in. They take it for granted that it will always be there. So take the weekend to explore where you live. Go onto the local tourist website or visit the Tourist Center and do something that you\’ve always wanted to do in your town or try something new! You\’d be surprised by how much there is to do, where you live if you just look for it. Not only will it change-up the routine but it will also help you to appreciate where you are.
  5. Take a class. What School?!?! No not exactly. Head to a vineyard and take a wine tasting class or find a pottery class to take in town. Maybe you can take those scuba diving lessons you\’ve always been meaning to take. It could be something you\’ve always wanted to do or something you\’ve never thought about doing, but taking a class with someone else can help provide you with a new shared adventure.

I hope these suggestions can provide some ideas for anyone still struggling with what to do this weekend or any weekend. Until next time.

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