Where are you headed this weekend?

It\’s a questions we ask when we come in contact with a friend or family. Most of the time we respond with not much or same old. Don\’t you want to have something else to say? A story to tell? So get out and do something! Here are some events that are happening this weekend…around the world.

Go to an Art Festival. I talked about it earlier this week but this weekend Art Basel is happening in Miami, FL. Art festivals are wonderful not only because you are experiencing culture and art but it\’s fantastic people watching!

Run a Road Race! Krampusnacht Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria is a festival that celebrates Krampus (that\’s the bad Santa Claus). On December 5th you can participate in a road race that incorporates a pub crawl and then shop their Christmas market, while being pursued by revelers dressed up like Krampus. (yay…)

Attend a Music Festival. Dominican Holidaze is a music festival in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 1-5th. You can watch a variety of bands play while participating in all the extras the resort has to offer.

Hit up a Film Festival. Other World Austin is a Sci-Fi film festival held December 1-4th in Austin, TX. This is a must see for any Trekkie. Not only are you able to view new and independent films but attend parties too!

It\’s that time of year to visit a Christmas Festival. Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA is set for December 1-4th this year. The festival not only hosts a Christmas Market but plenty of activities for the family to enjoy. You can view a glass blowing demonstration, visit with Santa Claus, go for a sleigh ride and watch ice carving.

So get out this weekend and do something fun that will make your friends and family envious…or take them with you! Everything is better when it\’s shared. Until next time, life happens, travel now!

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