Where do you want to go?

I\’ve been very fortunate in my life to have been able to travel to some really amazing places and some not so amazing. Regardless I have been able to travel. So this week I\’ve been thinking…where do I want to go next? It\’s the question struck by everyone who is possessed with Wanderlust.

I blame my parents. From a  young age they took us on family trips and exposed us to art and culture. My parents have Wanderlust…therefore so do I. I have a very go with the flow attitude. If a friend asks me to go away for the weekend with little advanced notice, I typically do. If I had been born at another time I would have been an adventurer, expeditionist or even perhaps a pirate. So it brings me back to the question. Where to go?

The world is so big, with so many adventures waiting to be had. How do you choose? For me its inspiration. I get into moods. Lately I\’ve been dying to get back to England and Scotland. I want to see Ireland, since I have not been yet. Movies can only transport you so far. I can only watch Pride and Prejudice, Notting Hill or an episode from Rick Steves before I\’m stalking airline fares.

What is it you do? Do you have a list? A wish list of all of the places you wish to go? Places you wish to see? Do you have several Pinterest boards devoted to destinations? (I DO!!) No matter how you decide where you\’re going to go…you should just go. Stop putting it off.

I just had a conversation with a co-worker and it was about this topic and how he\’s trying to decide between going to Washington DC or Ireland. Me I\’m like go to Ireland but not everyone is the get up and go type like I am. I feel like DC is a quick weekend trip that you can do at any time. Ireland is a destination. Yet if you are a European you could feel that Ireland is a quick weekend trip and DC is a destination. That is the beauty of travel it is completely subjective and wonderfully personal.

If I can impart one small pearl of wisdom, it\’s to go now! Don\’t wait. You can spend your lifetime waiting until you have enough money or enough vacation time. You will never have enough of either so just go! Life happens so you might as well travel and make the most of it. Travel as you desire, I know I will and I\’ll see you next time.

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