Where To Go for First Time Solo Travelers.

This is a topic with many different opinions. With the world becoming increasingly smaller and much of the world speaking English it\’s not as scary to venture into a foreign speaking country anymore.

I love traveling to new places where I might not know the language so that I can experience something all together new. Experiencing new things is a journey all itself. The first time I traveled on my own was to Italy. I was supposed to go to Italy and Croatia with my boyfriend at the time. We broke up, I couldn\’t find anyone to take his place, and I was damned if I wasn\’t going to go on this trip. So I went, by myself. It was August, I was in Venice and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that everyone was coupled up. I wanted to scream but I also learned how to be ok by myself and it\’s one of the best lessons I could have ever learned.

Traveling by yourself is scary for sure and the first time can be daunting. Here are some countries that can ease that transition.

The UK. Anywhere in the UK is a perfect jump off for anyone wanting to solo travel. Granted it may be a bit expensive but everyone speaks English and the rail system is pretty great.

Australia/New Zealand. Located on the other side of the world and it will take you a full day to get there but much like the UK you will not have to deal with a language barrier. Make sure you give yourself at least two weeks when traveling there. The flights there and back will eat up at least a full day on each end.

Canada. The sister country to the US, at least that\’s how I see it. When I worked for Sotheby\’s our librarian had to get her visa renewed and I remember looking at her as if she were silly, then I remembered \’Oh yeah, Canada is another country!\’, I know silly but because Canada is so close we tend to forget they are another country. If you live in the US this is a great country to visit. Amazing natural beauty and the Canadian dollar is worth a little less so it will tend to be a more on the inexpensive side.

Western Europe. Want a little more culture and have to deal with a little bit of a language barrier, you\’ll find what you\’re looking for in the countries of Western Europe. Sip sangria in Spain, eat pretzels in Germany, try Norwegian Salmon in Norway, the possibilities are endless. With the Eurorail pass you can visit many of these countries on one trip and get a good sampling of Western Europe while traveling on your own.

Travel really is about exploration so where ever you choose to travel solo your first time will be a time you won\’t forget. So take the plunge and enjoy the adventure. Until next time!

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