WOD Wednesday…17.4 Repeat

How is the Open going? For me…OK. I can\’t really complain. I took 3 months off before the Open started and my engine is not what it used to be, but I\’m working on getting it back. Slowly but surely. It looks like you can\’t just do Yoga for 3 months and expect to be able to run a marathon…who knew?! Um, everyone.

So this past week was a repeat workout from last year. 16.4 is in fact 17.4. We all knew a repeat would come up, it does every year, and it comes up for a great reason, to test how far we\’ve come from the previous year or in my case not. We all have personal stumbling blocks to overcome and sometimes that causes us to put our fitness to the back burner. Doing competitions like the Open helps us to re-focus. To get back to self-care.

That\’s what fitness and exercise is at its core. It\’s self-care. When we let our emotions control our eating and lifestyle we lose what little control we have in life. When we are able to take care of ourselves through eating right and exercise we begin to notice that the little things don\’t bother us as much, we have more energy and with the added endorphins, we\’re happier and therefore more sane.

So if you\’ve taken a hiatus like me, don\’t stress over the fact that you\’re not where you were a year ago. Be happy that you\’re doing something good for yourself and getting back to making yourself a priority. Until next time enjoy my travel/home conversion of this workout.

Original Open WOD 17.4:

In 13 minutes complete as many rounds or reps as possible of: (Click on Links for demos)

55 Deadlifts (M=225/F=155)

55 Wallballs (M=20/F=14)

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Push ups

Travel/Home Version of Open WOD 17.4:

In 13 minutes complete as many rounds or reps as possible of:

55 Deadlifts (use your suitcase or dumbbells if you have them)

55 Thrusters (use your suitcase or dumbbells, it\’s the same movement you\’re just not throwing an item.)

55 Calorie Row (if you have a rower) If you don\’t here are your options: 40 Burpees, 150 Double Unders/300 Single Unders, 100 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (with a suitcase.) ( You pick)

55 Handstand Pushups or Pushups.

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