WOD Wednesday, 17.5 and done.


Oh, who else is relieved that the Open is over? Don\’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Open, I really do but it\’s nice to know that\’s it\’s wrapped up and done for this year. And what a burner 17.5 turned out to be. My quads are still pretty tired from that, 90 thrusters will do that to them. Let me rephrase, 90 thrusters will test normal CrossFitters, knowing that Sam Briggs re did the workout and shaved 20+ seconds off, is incredible to me. She is such an impressive CrossFitter.

Looking back at the Open I\’m happy with what I did. It was no more difficult that other years but challenging none the less. No matter where you finished you should be proud of the fact that you did. You committed yourself to doing something good for yourself at least once a week. You created a little bit of self-care and I love it. In the meantime enjoy my conversion of the workout for you to take on the road. Until next time.

Original 17.5 (click on highlight for demo video)

10 Rounds of:

9 Thrusters (M=95/F=65)

35 Double Unders

Time cap of 40 minutes. It shouldn\’t take you that long.

Travel WOD of 17.5

10 round of:

9 Thrusters (with your suitcase or you can do Burpees)

35 Double unders ( or singles if you don\’t have doubles)

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