WOD Wednesday

In the next couple of weeks we\’re all gearing up for the holidays. We want to eat a lot and we are rushing around trying to secure gifts for loved ones. During this time we tend to forget about our fitness, when this is the time we should be more vigilant about it. We need to make sure to carve out a little bit of time during our day, whether it be in the morning or before we go to sleep. Find 20 mins minimum and do something for yourself and help beat that holiday bulge. Don\’t wait until the New Year to resolve to do something you can start today!

Here\’s an example of what you can do and what you\’ll need…


  1. A dumbbell or if you\’re traveling find something weighted, like your backpack, packed.
  2. A stable chair or edge of bed.
  3. A notepad or something to keep track of your rounds.
  4. If you have questions, click on the highlighted text for links to directional videos.

20 minute AMRAP (As many rounds or reps as possible) of: 

20 lunges alternating (10 each leg)

20 single leg deadlift to press, with weight, 10 each leg (don\’t be concerned with the text on the video, it\’s in English)

20 tricep dips with your weight on your thighs

20 squat thrust with a twist you can do this weighted or not depending on your fitness level. With every squat make sure that you\’re getting your hip crease below parallel. Try for it!

Alright. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have a wonderful healthy Wednesday! Until next time.

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