WOD Wednesday

This whole week I\’m subbing for one of my friends who coaches bootcamp. Although I\’ve been substituting for a while I still get stumped whenever I have to program a cardio day. I\’m not sure why that is. When I get to the class, something will undoubtedly pop into my head but until then…I remain unsure of what to do. I think that\’s why I love CrossFit. There\’s a structure to it. You have a cardio section, a strength section and a warm up/cool down. Bootcamp you go all out for an hour. Just keep moving. So on days like today when the only specification you get for bootcamp is \”cardio\” my mind goes blank.

So today I\’m putting forth a cardio day. Just keep moving. The goal is to try to blend the movements so that you\’re quickly transitioning from one movement to the next. This is where the cardio comes in. Try not to stop until you\’ve completed the 3 full rounds.

What you\’ll need: Running shoes. (Refer to links for movement descriptions)

3 Rounds for time: 

20 Grasshoppers  (10 each leg)

20 Burpees

20 High Knees (in place, 10 each leg)

20 Push Ups (You can go from you knees but make sure you maintain a plank position.)

Ok have fun! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time!

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