WOD Wednesday

It\’s the New Year and many people have made it their resolution to get in shape or lose weight, be healthier. It\’s when we in the health and fitness business see a surge in gym memberships. In reality this is something that lasts for a month and then we tend to revert back to our old ways saying we\’ll try better next year. Let\’s try to truly stick to our resolutions this year and make it your healthiest year yet!

So how do we do this? The best way is to have someone or some group you can be accountable to. One of the hardest things to do is to be accountable to yourself, so help yourself and ask others for help. Accountability is about telling others your goals and asking them to help you stick to them. I do it. It\’s the only way I get to the gym some mornings. I know if I don\’t there will be at least 10 people who I\’ll hear from, wondering where I was.

In the meantime. Until you\’re able to find your group I\’m here to be your accountability. Just reach out and ask. It\’s part of me being a CrossFit coach, I want everyone to succeed and reach their goals. So on to the work out. Today I want everyone to work on their core. We tend to neglect our core and it\’s what helps to keep us strong and it also eliminates back pain.

What you\’ll need: A yoga mat or carpeted area.

3 rounds for reps. I want to focus more on the movement than on the speed of getting the work done. Today is more about building core muscle then sweating. Click on the links for movement descriptions and demos.

30 Second plank hold

30 second right side plank hold

30 second left side plank hold

10 Hollow rocks or raises

10 superman rocks or raises

10 opposite arm / opposite leg (10 each side)

Let\’s be real…who doesn\’t want abs of steel? If you do this workout a couple times a week you\’ll feel stronger and see changes. Until next time.

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