WOD Wednesday: Get ready for Next week!

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What? Next week is the start of the Open? It\’s true! Am I nervous? No. I\’m scared. Dave Castro tends to be very diabolical when it comes to the Open workouts. He really tries, and succeeds in thinning the herd, or \”letting the cream rise to the top\”. No one has ever walked away from an Open and said \”Wow that was easier than last year!\” More often than not you hear, \”That was horrible, I question if I\’m going to do it again.\” Yet every year we do.

Call us sick or masochists, and maybe some of us are, but the large majority of us who CrossFit or just workout, do it because we like being better than yesterday. We like seeing our progress, seeing what we are able to achieve. Knowing that with consistency and hard work we can be better humans. We can achieve goals, physically and mentally, and sometimes surpass them.

There is a undeniable swelling of pride we get from accomplishing something we haven\’t done before. Or from being able to repeat a movement or workout with efficiency that we previously struggled through. That is what brings us back time and time again. It\’s the pride of accomplishment.

Remember that when you\’re struggling through a workout or having a bad day. That tomorrow will be better than today because you accomplished your tasks today and survived. It\’s easy to give up or talk yourself out of something, it\’s harder to work though it but more rewarding when you do. Have fun with today\’s converted Open workout and be proud of what you\’ve achieved. Until next time.

Original Open WOD: 14.5 (Click on links for movement demos)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Thrusters (M=95/F=65)

Burpees over bar. (You must perform a burpee then jump over the bar and perform another burpee continue until reps are completed) Bar Facing burpee demo

*Note that the workout is mean to be done as such: 21 Thrusters then 21 Burpees, then 18 thrusters and 18 burpees, and continue through the rep scheme until you finish with 3 thrusters and 3 burpees.

Modified Open WOD 14.5 for Home/Travel

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Thrusters with dumbbells or your packed suitcase/duffel

Burpees over object(dumbbells/suitcase). *Refer to bar facing burpee demo above.

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