WOD Wednesday: How did 17.1 Go for you?

So it\’s on. At this point you\’ve either participated in the Open or you\’ve given it a pass. Either way the first one is in the books. I love being a part of this community. To see so many people testing their fitness. That kind of camaraderie is difficult to find, the closest I found was playing soccer in college but even so, it\’s not the same. There is something about gutting out a workout and sharing sweat with the person next to you that helps bond you together.

My first workout in this Open went better than I had expected it to. Since I have not been consistent with my Crossfit workouts and have been focusing more on Yoga, I wasn\’t sure what to expect but I knew that whatever I did I would be happy with and happy to do it along with my fellow Rhinos.

So for this week I have 17.1 for you!

Original 17.1 Open WOD:

20 minute Time Cap (so at 20 minutes no matter where you are, stop the workout, if you finish the workout before 20 minutes then you\’re done.)

10 Single Art Dumbbell Snatch (M=50/F=35)

15 Box Jump (M=24\”/F=20\”)

20 DB Snatch

15 Box Jump

30 DB Snatch

15 Box Jump

40 DB Snatch

15 Box Jump

50 DB Snatch

15 Box Jump

Modified for Travel/Home:

So really the only modification for this is that you\’ll use whatever dumbbells you have for the weight or a can of soup, whatever you can find.

For the Box Jumps, find a set or stairs or a sturdy chair and have fun!

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