WOD Wednesday: The Open Starts

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. The Open announcement is going live tomorrow evening the 23rd, the beginning of the 7th year of the Open and I\’ve participated in every one. Wow that\’s commitment.

Regardless if it\’s your first year or your 7th it\’s an exciting time. The Open is where people achieve things they weren\’t able to before. I got my first toes to bar in an open workout. My first chest to bar too! You hear stories all the time of someone getting their first muscle up or their first double under. It\’s amazing what you can do when your adrenaline and determination kicks in.

If you\’re not participating in the Open, that\’s OK, I\’ve got a great workout for you this week to do anywhere. Good Luck to all who are competing, I\’ll see you on the leaderboard! Until next time.

Open WOD 11.2 Original

15 minute AMRAP (As Many Round/Reps As Possible): (As always click on links for demos)

9 Deadlifts (M=155/W=100)

12 Hand Release Push UPs (Hands must leave the floor at the bottom)

15 Box Jumps (24\”/20\”)

Open WOD 11.2 Home/Travel

15 Minute AMRAP:

9 Deadlifts (use your suitcase/duffel bag or dumbbells if you have them)

12 Hand Release Push Ups

15 Step ups (Use a chair or a stair) (If you choose to jump please make sure the chair is solid!)

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