WOD Wednesday

Did you think you were going to get off that easily? With Thanksgiving tomorrow, let\’s face it, we all need some inspiration to work out and really it wouldn\’t hurt to fit in some extra cardio…am I right? Many of you will be traveling, as will I, and if you have travel plans like mine you will need to fit in a workout somewhere between all your travels. With all that Turkey that you are going to consume, (or if you\’re me all the deserts!) I\’ve whipped up something quick that will allow you to enjoy your meal guilt free. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Enjoy!!!

What you\’ll need…

  1. A yoga mat, or not caring if your hands are on the dirty floor.
  2. A lack of shame. Because quite honestly you might have to do it in the middle of the airport terminal…like I will. 🙂

5 Rounds for time:

10 Squat jumps (sit down in a squat, making sure that your hip crease passes parallel, then jump up as high as you can, crunching your knees into your chest.)

20 Mountain Climbers (right + left = one, so count to 40) (start in a plank and then crunch your right knee in to your chin, or as far as you can go, then back into the plank, repeat with the left as quickly as you can!)

30 Bicycles (Same as with the Mountain Climbers, right + left = one, so count to 60) Start on your back. Crunch your abs in lifting your shoulders and legs off the floor. Interlace your fingers behind your head then bring opposite knee to opposite elbow. Repeat this on the other side. Make sure you are not rushing through it you want to ensure that you\’re controlled in this movement.

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